Lexington Gallery to Feature Works by Berea College Student Craft Program Staff, Apprentices

Lexington Gallery to Feature Works by Berea College Student Craft Program Staff, Apprentices

A gallery show featuring 40 individual pieces by 14 Berea College Student Craft Program staff and apprentice contributors will be featured throughout July at The Parachute Factory in Lexington.

The Student Craft Program, now in its second century, is an important intersection of learning, work, creativity and Berea’s Great Commitments.
Student Craft staff perform many tasks including juggling the demands of a production studio, however the education of students in the design and creation of high-quality objects is primary. Nearly 100 Berea College students work and learn in five different areas—weaving, woodcraft, broomcraft, ceramics, and craft education and outreach.

Student Craft also supports a Craft Apprenticeship Program, where visiting artists live and work in Craft for a period of three to five months. Apprentices are provided the opportunity and support to develop and expand their craft while working with students in their chosen studio.

“A year ago, Berea College made a commitment to provide an opportunity for staff and visiting apprentices to explore their individual artistic interests during the year to nurture their own creativity as skilled artisans,” said Aaron Beale, associate vice president of Student Craft.  "This show presents the results of that commitment as well as the photography of Justin Skeens, Berea’s director of digital storytelling (and long-time Student Craft photographer), and two of our early apprentices, Chris True and Stella Welsh, who completed their submissions after their time in the Apprenticeship Program."

Participants include:

  • Erin Miller (16 individual quilt squares)
  • Emerson Croft (quilt)
  • Hunter Elliott (broom)
  • Chris Robbins (1 broom, 1 sculptural diorama)
  • Chris True (4 wooden turned vessels)
  • Philip Wiggs (1 ceramic sculpture)
  • Steve Davis-Rosenbaum (5 ceramic platters)
  • Rob Spiece (2 wooden cabinets)
  • Jedidiah Radosevich (1 dulcimer and 1 wooden quilt)
  • Aaron Beale (table)
  • Stella Welsh (patchwork knitting)
  • Thea Zwier (sculpture)
  • Paskalini Savopoulos-Wilkins (sculpture)
  • Trey Gehring (scarf)

Sales of these pieces will contribute to supporting the wonderful work of the Parachute Factory and the educational mission of Berea College.
Located in the heart of Lexington’s Northside, The Parachute Factory exists as a non-profit, multi-use space to promote artistic endeavors and community engagement. The Parachute Factory is located at 720 Bryan Ave. in Lexington. For more information, visit