Berea College and Lehigh University Break Boundaries with Win-Win Educational Pact

Berea College and Lehigh University Break Boundaries with Win-Win Educational Pact

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New Berea-Lehigh Partnership Agreement Enhances Student Access to Graduate Management Education

Berea College, a federally recognized Work College, and Lehigh University’s College of Business jointly announced this week a new 4+1 partnership agreement.  This unique “4+1” joint partnership calls for a five-year program (four years of undergraduate studies at Berea College plus one year of graduate management education at Lehigh University). Students from Berea College in Liberal Arts or STEM field majors can enter Lehigh University’s MS in Management (M2) program to earn the Master’s level degree in just 10 months. The combination of Liberal Arts or STEM as well as skills learned in Berea’s Labor Program, coupled with business training further positions Berea graduates to be workforce ready as they pursue careers in a variety of industries ranging from consulting to banking to finance to brand marketing to pharma, just to name a few.

“Joining forces with Berea College is a fantastic step forward for our M2 program. Berea enables us to not only further diversify our M2 student cohort, but most importantly it serves to enable truly gifted students to complement their undergraduate Liberal Arts or STEM field degrees with management training. The combination opens up a whole new world of access to blue-chip companies.  The undergraduate work college experience that all Berea students realize will add new perspectives in our Lehigh classes, thus benefiting the student cohort overall,” said Georgette Chapman Phillips, Kevin L. and Lisa A. Clayton Dean, Lehigh University College of Business.
Accepted Berea students will be guaranteed generous scholarship in support of their graduate educational endeavors.  “Partnering with Lehigh University is a WIN-WIN. Lehigh’s reputation for excellence in experiential learning and its exceptional alumni network and placement record benefits our gifted students in so many ways. Now, interested Berea students wishing to widen their career choices can complement their undergraduate studies with business management training. This means exceptional placement and thus exciting new opportunities for our Berea graduates,” said Lyle Roelofs President of Berea College.
For more information on the Lehigh MS in Management Program, please contact Alyssa Clapp, M2 Program Director at or call 610-758-4450.  Apply for the program here. The application deadlines for the 2021-22 cohort are June 1, 2021 for domestic U.S. applicants, and May 15, 2021 for international applicants.