Labor Overload

Labor Overload

To receive an overload application, please contact the Labor Program Office at or call us at 859.985.3611.

The overload process for the AY 2022-2023 has not begun. The labor program office will reach out with all initial overloads.

What to Keep in Mind

  • Labor Overload forms are required for students that wish to work over 15 hours. For example, if a student has a 12-hour primary position and wants to work a 5-hour secondary position, they will need to apply for an overload.
  • First-year freshman cannot apply for an overload.
  • Overloads are only valid for the semester for which they are approved. In other words, if you were a approved for a Fall 2022 overload, it does not roll over to Spring 2023.
  • If a student would like to increase their primary after being approved for an overload, they must apply for an overload again. For example, if a student is approved to work a 12-hour primary and a 5-hour secondary, the primary cannot be adjusted to 15 hours without the approval of a new overload form.
  • Primary Supervisors hold the right to reject overload requests.

Guidelines for Approval

  • Sophomore, junior, or senior classification
  • Meeting Labor Program requirements in the primary position
  • Not on any form of probation
  • Enrolled in less than 5 course credits with less than 8 preparations (fall and spring terms only)
  • Have a 2.50 GPA, both cumulative and for the previous full term; the required 2.50 cumulative GPA may be waived if a 3.00 GPA is earned during the previous full term.

Requests for over 20 hours are subject to the following additional guidelines:

  • Junior or senior classification
  • 3.00 GPA in the major, overall, and for the previous term
  • Submission of a letter outlining the reason for requesting more than 20 hours
  • Approval of the Dean of Labor and the Student Admissions and Academic Standing Committee