Labor Awards

Labor Awards

Endowed Labor Awards & Criteria

Exemplary students can be nominated for Endowed Labor Awards by labor supervisors. The nomination process occurs in the spring term each year and notice is given through campus e-mail encouraging supervisors to nominate worthy students. Students should also give consideration to the two awards in which they can compete or make nominations for. They are described at the bottom of this page. Each endowed award varies in value  with some having a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cash awards disbursements. The total amount awarded in all areas typically total $19,318 and is subject to change depending on the cash value of each endowment. Note: Contact the Labor Office for current amounts being awarded in each area.

Labor Supervisor of the Year

Members of the student body are asked to submit recommendations for the Outstanding Labor Supervisor on campus for the year 2021-2022. The award and/or awards will be presented in the form of a gift certificate and plaque. Nomination criteria is detailed via an email and hard copies sent to the Student Body.

If you’re interested in applying or nominating others, visit academicworks via your MyBerea profile!

Labor Day Photography Contest

This award was created to encourage students to “take a different look” at labor. Any photograph showing Berea College labor is eligible. However, submissions that aren’t Berea College labor related will not be eligible. Only two submissions per student will be accepted.  All students must provide their name and B# on the back of the photograph. Digital copies are preferred.

The winning entry may be used for Labor Program Office purposes printed materials, and the three finalists are displayed in the Labor Program Office. The award is funded by the James N. and Leila Cranford Hardy Fund.