Frequently Asked Questions

What determines a student paygrade?

A student’s pay grade is determined by the level of work being performed in the position. As students take on more responsibilities they will be assigned a higher pay grade.

  • WLS 1: Repetitive tasks or routines requiring direct supervision of worker results.
  • WLS 2: Requires less direct supervision, with more variety in required tasks. May also require more knowledge about the job.
  • WLS 3: Skilled work with little supervision. Can work independently and make their own judgment. This could involve helping train others.
  • WLS 4: Requires no direct supervision, and will begin supervising of their own. Should have advanced skills in the positions and can train others.
  • WLS 5: Student supervisor position that requires a 15-hour contract. Student must understand the department’s policies and relationships. They will manage other students, and must be familiar with every labor position in the office. They must also model strong interpersonal/communication skills.

What are benefits of having a direct deposit and what do I need to set one up?

Direct deposit eliminates the step of having to deposit or cash a physical check. Also, banks will usually process paychecks before paper checks arrive at CPO (dependent on bank).

To sign up for direct deposit you must have your student ID and an official document form your bank which shows your routing and account number or a voided check.

How can I get my labor transcripts?

Office of Registrar

The Office of the Registrar webpage contains a link to download a Labor Transcript paper request form. It also contains and a link to order an online transcript through Scrip-Safe.


You can also use MyBerea to request a labor transcript.  You can find it under the Labor tab. Click on the “Request Official Labor Transcript” link within the Student Labor Resources Channel.

Who is my primary contact to address UltraTime issues?

Contact Johauna Gosney, Student Payroll Manager, Ext. 4222
If Johauna is unavailable, contact the Labor Program Main Office, Ext. 3611

Who do I call if my IP phone or time clock is not working?

Contact Main Office, Ext. 3611

How do I add a Proxy on UtraTime?

Login to UltraTime

1. Click on “Proxy Setup”

2. Use the down scroll arrow to search for the desired proxy’s last name.

4. Select one or multiple people

5. Click “save”

Click here to view a step by step video on how to add a proxy on UltraTime.

Why can't I see my student's name in UltraTime?

This means that you are not listed as the student’s supervisor. This can only be changed through BANNER.

Please contact Johauna Gosney, Ext. 4222

What if your screen view doesn't function properly through the Berea College Portal?

Contact the IS&S Help Desk, Ext. 3343

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