Joe’s Story
Joe Bagnoli, Jr.

Joe’s Story

Joe's Story

For Joe Bagnoli, Jr., Berea College presented many opportunities to pursue his interests as he “bridged through” the Berea experience to become the “good and noble” person Socrates envisioned. He explored music, participated in long-range planning for the College, competed at tennis, learned to serve at the Boone Tavern Hotel, and captured the truths of still-life through photography.

“Berea awakened in me an appreciation for the creative and performing arts, capacity for computer programming and quantitative reasoning, a respect for the customs and global circumstances that impact diverse populations, and an awareness of God's unbiased love for all people of earth,” Joe said.

Joe's bridge into the wider world began in 1988 when, after graduation, he started his professional career at his alma mater, first as an admissions counselor, and later as assistant director of admissions. “The transformative nature of my Berea education provoked me to work in service of the College's Great Commitments,” he said.

“I was determined to help enroll highly motivated, diverse populations of students who could both benefit from a Berea education and, ultimately, contribute to a world shaped by the power of love over hate, human dignity and equality, and peace with justice.”

Joe pays his Berea education forward by building bridges of opportunity for others at Grinnell College as vice president for enrollment and dean of admission and financial aid. At his new home, Joe is helping Grinnell extend educational opportunities to under-represented college-bound students.