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Clara Chapman, Assistant Director and Labor Supervisor

Judith Weckman, Director

Student Employees

10670225_960069614007301_4427402628045896718_nMy name is Emily Carter and my labor position is an office assistant. I am a Freshman at Berea College with the intended major of Political Science. I am from a city in southern Brazil called Porto Alegre. After graduation, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in Political Science. I hope to use my education to work in civil service, in which I will implement the statistical and organizational skills I have learned working at the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.







IMG_7203I am Jacob Crase and my labor position is an office assistant. I am a freshman at Berea College who is from the small town of Verona in northern Kentucky. As of right now, I intend to major in Business Administration. My concentration in the business degree will be marketing. I find this field interesting because it allows you to study others and then provide them with products that they desire. Through this labor position I have been able to work on the college’s Fact Book which allowed me to learn more about Berea College, but also about how to formulate data so that it can be presented to others. ​






workMy name is Erica Wilson, and my labor position is office manager. I am a junior economics major from Kentucky. I like understanding the world around me and plan to use my education to serve others. I am particularly interested in the homeless, young-adult population. This job helps me in managerial and organizational skills that I will be able to use in both service and work now and later in life. I am looking forward to my senior year here!

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