Office of Institutional Research and Assessment


Our Mission

  • To provide information and data in support of the College’s planning, policy formation, and program development efforts.
  • To support and cultivate assessment activities aimed at evaluating effectiveness and ensuring continued improvement throughout the institution.
  • To support through appropriate research the strategic planning efforts of the College.
  • To support and maintain processes that ensure the institution’s continued accreditation.

Our Services

  • Consult with faculty, staff, and students on projects aimed at the assessment of programs, courses, curricula, learning goals, policies, etc.
  • Design, analyze, and report institutional and other assessment projects (e.g., advisor surveys, entering and exiting student surveys, student satisfaction surveys, alumni surveys, etc.).
  • Administer, report, and summarize the results of the Instructor Evaluation Questionnaire (IEQ).
  • Report required information to external constituents (e.g., federal government, accrediting organizations, consortia of higher education, news media, etc.).
  • Provide institutional data to all departments and areas for a variety of purposes.

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