The mission of the Berea College Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is to provide leadership and support for research, accreditation, and assessment by:

  • providing data in support of the College’s planning processes,
  • cultivating and supporting assessment activities across all areas of the College, and
  • designing and conducting original research aimed at improving students’ educational experiences.

Report Highlights: Academic Year 2018-19

Fall 2018 Special Learning Opportunities
Fall 2018 Facilities Library Technology Highlights
Fall 2018 Sustainability Highlights
Fall 2018 Alumni Highlights
Fall 2018 Faculty Staff Highlights
Fall 2018 First-Year Student Highlights
Fall 2018 Transfer Student Highlights
Fall 2018 Enrollment Highlights
Graduation Rates
Graduate Highlights
Fall 2018 Labor Program Highlights
Fall 2018 Geographical Report
Graduation. Education Status Fall 2012 Cohort
For Report Highlights prior to Academic Year 2018-19, please see our Archived Report Highlights page.