Internships for Summer 2020 have been cancelled.

For more information, official updates, and resources about campus cancellations and closures related to COVID-19, please visit this page.

When working with your Faculty Sponsor on your Internship Experience Request (formerly called the Internship Proposal), make sure you are using the correct planning form from the options below (most students will use the Internship Experience Planning Form, but please read the description at the top of the form carefully to ensure you are using the correct one).

These forms are to be used as you work with your Faculty Sponsor to DRAFT and REVISE the details related to your internship. Once everything has been finalized, please enter the exact information into Handshake (copy/paste recommended) at Handshake > Career Center > Experiences > Request Experience.

Once submitted to Handshake, you can track your approvals there! See Approval Process for Internship Experiences for how the process works.

Internship Experience Planning Form

Internship Experience Planning Form – 395 or 495

Planning Forms for Specific Programs

Additional Forms