Medical Benefits & Plan Information

2018 – 2019 Plan Information

Employee Benefits Overview 2018-2019  (PDF)

2018 – ’19 Berea College Benefits Presentation for New Hires

Berea College Employee Benefit Plan


Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Premium Plan SBC 2018
Core Plan SBC 2018
High Deductible Plan 1 SBC 2018
High Deductible Plan 2 SBC 2018

Eligibility Guidelines for Domestic Partner Benefits


Benefits Schedule

Premium Plan 2017
CORE Plan 2017
HDHP1 Plan 2017
HDHP2 Plan 2017
Dental 2017
Vision Plan


Payroll Deductions

Premium, Core, High Deductible 1 & 2, 2017-18 Medical Rates
Smoking and Tobacco Use Affidavit
Working Spousal Affidavit

Full-time and part-time regular employees of the College may purchase medical insurance. Employees are eligible to participate as of the date of hire, during the annual open enrollment period, or with evidence of a qualifying event. Please refer to the links below for detailed information about specific insurance provisions and current premiums.

**Claims Arrangement Change**

Due to a claims arrangement change effective 7/1/2013, if you contact Anthem, employees’ medical benefits may be described as “terminated” effective 6/30/2013. In this event, please inform the Anthem representative that as of 7/1/2013, Berea College has a Joint Administration Arrangement (JAA) with Anthem and ARC.

All claims and coverage questions should be directed to ARC Administrators at 877-309-2955. This number is also found on the back of your medical insurance card.


LiveHealth Online

LiveHeath Notice & FAQ – Core & Premium

LiveHeath Notice & FAQ – High Deductible

Visit a doctor online, or get the mobile app!

Medical Benefits

Anthem Care Comparison
Anthem Preventative Health Guidelines
FSA Eligible Products, Services and Expenses
Flexible Spending Account (FSA) vs Health Savings Account (HSA)
Health Savings Accounts – Health Equity
How to Access Medical and Dental Claims 
How to Access Prescription Claims
How to Locate a Medical Provider
Preferred Drug List Exclusions

Eye Med – New Member Login Register Web Instructions

Eye Med Vision Summary


Health Exchange Notice
Berea College Health and Welfare Plan Notice
Important Notification Regarding Medical Coverage for Spouses 
Market Place Coverage Information
Group Accident Insurance Certificate
Group Life Insurance Certificate
Group Long Term Disability Insurance Certificate
Group Short Term Disability Insurance Certificate
Retiree Life Insurance Certificate – $2k
Retiree Life Insurance Certificate – $5k


When Traveling Outside of the U.S.

BlueCard Worldwide – Manual Claim Form (PDF)
BlueCard – Out-of-the-Country Health (PDF)