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Grant Services

Grant Services

Grant Services at Berea College provides leadership and expertise in grant administration and helps ensure compliance with relevant financial and reporting requirements in support of Berea College faculty and staff. Grant Services provides assistance to Berea College faculty and staff who have received or are applying for awards. Any Berea College faculty or staff who are interested in applying for funding should contact Grant Services first to review the process.

Public Funding

Government Grant Services coordinates all pre-award activities for federal/state awards. Additionally, Grant Services monitors post-award reporting requirements. The primary functions performed by Grant Services to support faculty and staff projects are:

  • review and assist in the preparation of proposals
  • prepare federal/state grant budgets
  • submit grant proposals and all attachments
  • review terms and conditions of awards from funders
  • develop and maintain required federal/state grant policies
  • ensure annual performance reports are filed on time
  • collect time and effort certifications for faculty, staff, and students paid by federal or state grant funds or whose time is used as matching funds

Government Grant Services also coordinates post-award financial activities for federal/state awards. The primary functions performed to support faculty and staff projects are:

  • ensure accurate accounting of income and expenses
  • support contract development
  • prepare financial reporting required by funders
  • assist with submitting and collecting invoices
  • assist with account reconciliation, drawing down funds, and closeout
  • ensure financial compliance with Single Audit
  • track and monitor matching requirements

Private and Foundation Funding

Corporate, Foundation, and Family Relations (CFFR) leverages private organizations and networks to add value to the mission of Berea College and those that intersect with it.

CFFR is a branch of the Alumni, Communications and Philanthropy division. We help organizations with charitable intent to discover their alignment with Berea’s mission and match their philanthropy to the College’s funding needs. Our goal is to develop and maintain strong institutional relationships with private funders, leading to successful grants and long-term connection that enriches both Berea’s mission and that of our partners. We find this goal is best supported by the following activities in collaboration with other College departments:

  • Support and inspire faculty and staff development of fundable ideas within the scope of Berea’s mission
  • Advise on project/proposal alignment with private foundations and corporations and recommend viable prospects
  • Collaborate on proposal narrative and budget preparation based on your individual needs and the nature of your project
  • Review and/or arrange submission of proposals, reports, acknowledgements, and contracts
  • Facilitate meaningful engagement between College programs and current and prospective supporters
  • Maintain records of correspondence and impact associated with private grants
  • Support project managers in providing appropriate and excellent recognition, reporting, and evaluation for private grants



Contact Us

Portrait of Jenny Akins
Jenny Akins ’11

Contact Jenny Akins, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, for assistance with private and foundation grants.

Ext. 3004

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Davey King '89

Contact Davey King, Director of Government Grant Service, for assistance with government grants.

Ext. 3635