Berea Patrons
Giving Day 2019

Berea Patrons

Berea Patrons

Since the beginning of the Berea Patrons program in 2013, generous participants have demonstrated a passion for educational opportunity by supporting tuition scholarships for fellow students.

Berea Patrons is a gift club that recognizes students who support the work of Berea College through one-time gifts or through each Labor Program paycheck. Membership is renewed on an annual basis, and all gifts from July 1 to June 30 count toward membership. These gifts go to the Berea Fund, which supports everything that Berea is and does.

Amount raised by Berea Patrons as of Spring 2023

As of the start of Spring 2023, Berea Patrons reached $194,187 in total gifts raised since the start of the program—completing the tuition funding for 64 students and counting.

Berea has given me the opportunity to receive an education without worrying about money. There are tons of resources and opportunities that I never would have used had I gone to a more expensive school.

Berea Patron
Ugo '22 Berea College Alumni

Paving the Way for Future Bereans

Student writes "Thank you. You believed in me and you don't even know me. For that, I will return the favor."

Berea College must raise more than $4.8 million to complete tuition funding each year. That’s about $3,500 per student. Current Berea students are coming together to pay forward the gift of education through their own philanthropy. All donations of $5 or more between July 1st – June 30th count toward Berea Patron membership.