Berea College Student Phonathon

A student calls friends of the College on the phone.

Berea’s Phonathon is an essential part of our annual Berea Fund campaign.

In addition to providing exciting updates from campus, our student callers also invite alumni and friends of the College to make gifts to support its unique mission.

Students enjoy sharing from personal experience the meaningful difference our alumni and friends make through their financial support.

“Phonathon has allowed me the opportunity to connect with alumni and friends of the college. It is encouraging to know that people from all over the world are dedicated to investing in my future. Berea College is a small school with many working parts, and it was enlightening to be apart of an organization that contributes to the school’s  success!”

– Crystal Gresham ’22

“Phonathon was a way for me to connect with Berea, to appreciate the College and the ones who help students reach their goals. I connected with my peers, learned how to socialize, and strengthened my communication skills. Phonathon allowed me to grow as a student and as an employee. It taught me how to take initiative and reminded me that I was not in this alone—that there are hundreds of people out there who are rooting for me.”

– Jimi Burns ’21

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