Elizabeth Owens '21 Photographer: Andreea Teban
Elizabeth Owens '21 Photographer: Andreea Teban

To Berea against All Odds

Berea College has intentionally served the needs of students from Appalachia and Kentucky, who together make up around 70% of today’s student body. Thankfully, our longstanding focus on Appalachian success is on full display in recent Nursing graduate, Elizabeth ’21.

Elizabeth’s story shows the positive impact your gifts have on students and their families who simply need a little help. Learn more about Elizabeth’s Berea story.

All Berea students are worth much more than the tuition they can afford.

No Berea student is ever charged tuition. Unlike other colleges where tuition supplies most of the funding, Berea College depends on loyal alumni and friends who support Tuition Promise Scholarships through the Berea Fund to make a no-tuition education possible for every Berea student.

Berea College’s mission is to provide a world-class education to students who need it most. Help us continue to educate our 1,600 students with a generous gift to the Berea Fund.

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A recent graduate gives someone a hug

Join the Berea Partners

12 gifts. 12 months. Fulfilling Berea’s ambitious mission takes hard work and dedication. Berea Partners is a new gift club made exclusively for monthly donors. Your monthly gifts allow you to invest in lives of great promise all year long.

Make your gift go further for students

Did you know some employers will double or even triple the size of your gift? By taking advantage of employer matching gifts, you can make your gift farther for Berea students who need it most. Search for your employer today to get the process started.

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Reunion Giving

Berea welcomes alumni to return to campus during their reunion and contribute through class campaigns designed by their Reunion Giving Chairs as a way to connect and engage. Join your class efforts to support current and future Bereans for generations to come.

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Gift Recognition

Berea relies on people from all walks of life to sustain our mission. View our Honor Roll of Giving, which lists the names of all Berea supporters, and read more information about Annual Giving Clubs and the Fee Glade Legacy Wall.

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