Two Berea students sitting on a bench outside the Draper building


Berea College serves low-income students from Appalachia, the nation, and the world by providing each with a Tuition Promise Scholarship.

Your gifts help provide our students with an excellent education while offering tax benefits to you.

Berea student practitioner and her practice patient smiling at the camera

Paying it forward

After losing her home when she was eight, bathing in the creek and cooking over a fire, Brooklin knew she wanted to help others. Because of Berea’s No-Tuition Promise, she will graduate with a nursing degree and help people in a real, tangible way. Hear her story firsthand and learn how your generosity is making a difference.

Reunion Giving

This year Berea welcomes alumni to return to campus during their reunion and contribute through class campaigns designed by their Reunion Giving Chairs as a way to connect and engage. We hope that you will join your class efforts to help support current and future Bereans for generations to come.

What inspires a person to give to Berea?

The values upon which Berea was founded attract alumni and friends to give. Learn what motivates a few of our donors to support Berea College and hear a few stories from supporters all over the world.

The Gift that Pays you Income for Life

There’s a way for you to support Berea College and feel confident that you have dependable income in your retirement years. Learn more about the many benefits of a charitable gift annuity.

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