Westervelt program

The Westervelt program, named for Edmund C. Westervelt, was designed to give Berea College students, faculty, staff, and towns people the opportunity to have a practical “hands-on” experience enabling them to become more self-sufficient, be more informed consumers of goods and services, and develop skills and knowledge which could be applied in both vocational and avocational settings. In order to avoid conflict with classes and work, the Westervelt program is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Westervelt offerings have included woods, graphic arts, electronics, power mechanics, metals, and crafts. Instruction is provided on a continuing basis with ample time provided for skill development.

Extra-curricular activities provide excellent opportunities for individuals to develop a well-rounded educational background as well as pursue specific areas of interest. Few programs have experienced such tremendous success as that of the Westervelt program conducted by the Berea College Engineering Technologies and Applied Design Department. The diversity of the group involved, the relationship between staff and students, and the unique offerings in the Westervelt program are only a few of the factors contributing to its popularity and growth over the last sixty eight years.