Photovoice is a process by which people capture and record their life and cultural experiences through photography and stories.

The goal of the iSpeak2 project was to describe — through the photovoice process — how teens view relationships and violence. The pilot of the iSpeak2 project was conducted in Jackson County during the summer with girls, ages 13 to 18, as participants. The girls were tasked with taking photos that would visually depict their ideas about healthy and unhealthy relationships and the dynamics in between.

To enable the participants to do this, participants were:

  • provided with a free camera,
  • trained in documentary photography,
  • attended education sessions about healthy relationships,
  • took pictures in their community,
  • discussed their photos,
  • practiced leadership skills, and
  • brainstormed creative ways to deliver their messages about healthy relationships.

The photographs and stories were then presented at several community venues and discussed and displayed at the STEP Launch/Kick-off event in three Promise Neighborhood communities.