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     Throughout its history, Berea College has been actively engaged in preparing teachers for elementary and secondary schools. Although Berea graduates may be found in many states, the majority teach in schools in the Appalachian region. Within the context of the College’s Great Commitments, students in the teacher education programs at Berea are asked to think deeply about the nature of teaching, learning, and schooling.

     The philosophical framework of Berea’s teacher education program is the community of inquiry. We believe that children and adolescents learn by constructing their understanding through independent and shared inquiry into questions central to curriculum and meaningfully connected to their lives.  The full Berea College Education Studies Program’s Conceptual Framework can be viewed by clicking this link – conceptual framework.

The teacher education programs at Berea College are accredited by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board and by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). 

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