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The Office of Academic Services will initiate the declaration of major process in the regular term in which students will complete 15 course credits, usually the second semester of the sophomore year.

To be accepted to the Business Administration major, you must have waived or completed MAT 115 with a C or higher, and you must have completed three of the following with a C or higher: BUS 120, BUS 130, ECO 101 or ECO 102. In addition, students entering the college Fall 2009 or later must have completed the computer competency requirement before being admitted to the major. You may receive conditional acceptance to the major based on successful completion of these classes during the semester in which you are applying to the major.

Admission to the Economics major is determined by a review of your transcript by the department chair and members of the Economics faculty.

Areas of Concentration

The Business Administration major is designed to allow students to focus on one of four concentration areas with the following requirements. Further explanation of each concentration is included in the Appendix.

Accounting BUS 323 Income Tax; BUS 324 Managerial Accounting; BUS 326 Intermediate Accounting I; BUS 327 Intermediate Accounting II; and one departmental elective.
Finance BUS 346 Investment Analysis; BUS 368 Intermediate Corporate Finance; ECO 332 Money and Banking; and two departmental electives.
Management BUS 240 Business Law; BUS 345 Human Resources Management; BUS 364 Production and Operations Management; and two departmental electives.
Marketing BUS 257 Consumer Behavior; BUS 367 Marketing Research; BUS 465 Strategic Marketing Management; and two departmental electives.

(Departmental electives may be any BUS or ECO 200, 300 or 400 level.)

Optional Concentrations in Management Information Systems and International Business

Students completing one or more of the required concentrations may elect to complete an optional concentration in Management Information Systems or/and International Business.  These optional concentrations do not replace the requirement to complete one of the required concentrations above, but they can be added as optional concentrations to any of them.

International Business BUS 371: International Business; ECO 347: International Trade & Policy; ECO/BUS 357: International Finance.
Management Information Systems BUS 221: Management Information Systems; CSC 226: Software Design & Implementation; CSC 330: Database Systems; and one of the following: BUS/CSC 328: Data Analytics OR BUS/CSC 336: E-Commerce


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