Division One
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Division One

Division One: Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Nursing

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Nursing Division

The Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Nursing division is chaired currently (on a rotating basis) by Tracy Hodge (Physics) and the division houses the following departments.

Biology Department chaired by Dr. Roy Scudder-Davis
Chemistry Department chaired by Mary Robert Garrett
Geology Program with Suzanne Birner as contact person
Mathematics Department chaired by Larry Gratton
Nursing Department chaired by Monica Kennison
Physics Department chaired by Troy Messina

We also support and house the following interdisciplinary programs.

Pre-Medical/Dental Program (and other pre-health programs) with Troy Messina as contact person
Pre-Pharmacy Program with Mary Robert Garrett as contact person
Pre-Engineering/Dual-Degree Program with Troy Messina as contact person
STEM Education (K-12) Programs with Jon Saderholm as contact person

Coursework in the division includes all of the standard offerings one might expect from one of the programs within the division. We also have some astronomy courses along with some laboratory equipment to support this (including a new remote-operated telescope) overseen by our astrophysicist, Tracy Hodge. We recently expanded our faculty in the division to include an earth scientist (Suzanne Birner) who offers courses in geology and earth science that will ultimately lead to a minor and/or major in this academic field.

Various social and service organizations exist within the division, including Pre-Health Professionals, Chemistry and Biology clubs.

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