Discovery Funds

Discovery Funds

  • Students should submit the Individual Application via email to as early as possible before travel. Those submitted less than three weeks before travel run some risk of denial.
  • Students on probation of any kind may be determined ineligible for Discovery Fund Grants.
  • Students must submit proof of participation (a receipt for paid conference registration, conference name tag, etc.) within one week following the event.
  • Funds are direct deposited to the student’s checking account before the event.
    • Funds are credited through a journal transfer to the departmental account after the event, since last minute changes in participation often take place. (If funds need to go directly from Discovery to the students, then it is not considered a group application, and the students should apply as individuals instead.)
    • Group Application forms should be submitted via e-mail to as early as possible prior to travel.  Applications submitted less than three weeks prior to travel run some risk of being denied.
    • A Group Participation Agreement, with signatures of students who actually attended, should be submitted after the event takes place. Funding is awarded on a per student basis, so the total will depend on the number of students who actually attended the event.
    • Receipts are required at the department level in accordance with standard College policies for purchases, but they do not have to be submitted to the Discovery Committee.