Dallas’s Story
Dallas Leake

Dallas’s Story

Dallas's Story

The life of a Berean after graduation often leads to a career in community and/or public service, where the emphasis on high personal standards and concern for the welfare of others can translate to the changing of lives. Dallas Leake’s path led to just such a life.

A former basketball player for the College, Dallas’s experience as a volunteer youth sports coach led him to accept a position as community service coordinator for the Sandusky County (Ohio) Juvenile Court. This led eventually to serving as program director for the Sandusky County Juvenile Detention Center, where he took it as his responsibility to be good role model to troubled youth.

“I always say, ‘show me a kid who has issues and, more times than not, I’ll show you an adult that had something to do with it,'” said Dallas. To reach the young people he works with, Dallas models personal responsibility, hard work, and, most importantly, concern for their welfare.

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