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Faculty and Curriculum Development

The Francis and Louise Hutchins Center for International Education seeks to foster greater understanding of, and respect for, all peoples of the earth. One way we do this is by encouraging and facilitating faculty to develop their scholarship and teaching in international ways.

We do this on campus by

We also facilitate opportunities abroad by

  • Organizing and publicizing faculty development study-tours abroad
  • Encouraging faculty to teach abroad in one of these summer opportunities:
  • Assisting faculty in developing Berea International Summer Term (BIST) courses
  • Encouraging faculty to conduct research abroad

Proposing a Berea International Summer Term (BIST) course for 2015

The timeline for proposing summer international courses for 2015 follows. The timeline should help facilitate such work as getting passports and visas, scheduling appropriate inoculations, and processing student loan and grant applications.

February 15, 2014: Faculty who want to propose an international summer course submit to the Academic Vice President’s Office:

  1. A completed Summer International Course Proposal Form (see attached)
  2. A tentative budget (airfare, food, lodging, fees, books, other), and
  3. A draft itinerary.

March 1, 2014: Academic Vice President’s Office, in consultation with the Center for International Education, reviews proposals. Faculty are notified of provisional approval.

March 15, 2014: Approved courses submit full budget to the Center for International Education, for review and final approval by the Academic Vice President’s Office.

September 2, 2014: Final budget confirmed by BIST instructors and approved by the CIE and the Academic Vice President’s Office.

Please note that this is a tight schedule and so it will be difficult to consider late proposals.

If you have any questions Specifically about BIST proposals, please don’t hesitate to contact Chad Berry or Ann Butwell, Education Abroad Advisor and Interim Director of the Center for International Education.

For More Information

Please contact Dr. Thomas Ahrens, Program Associate for Internationalization, at or (859) 985-3453 for more general information.

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