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  • Our peer consultants are still students. They are trained and mentored and can definitely help you, but they cannot predict the grade you will receive on any given assignment because they are not the instructor of the course.
  • Professional and student staff are both teachers and learners. We help every student in every discipline at every level across campus, and that work is complex. Our consultants may model good resource use by looking up the details of a citation question you ask or checking in with a supervisor or team member to make sure they give you accurate information. They may also ask questions about how the professor approaches the class or writing in general.
  • Feel free to make appointments with different consultants. Our consultants are encouraged to develop their own unique consulting style along a continuum of options available to peer tutors. If you find that you don’t mesh with one consultant’s style, please feel free to “shop around” and find a consultant you feel comfortable with; no one will be offended. We all work together and support our teammates and your writing.
  • When you show up for a writing consultation sometimes determines how much help our consultants can give. If you come the night before a paper is due and need to begin, the consultant will gladly help you triage and get started, but they cannot make a whole paper appear from thin air, nor can they guarantee that you will get good results from this method. If you regularly procrastinate (we get it!) on writing assignments, consider our next bullet point.
  • Have a tough assignment you are dreading? Did you know you can schedule three appointments per week with Writing Resources? Try out the three-appointment method:
    • Bring that dreaded assignment sheet in for an appointment the day after you get it and start asking questions and brainstorming.
    • Schedule a second appointment to go over your completed draft and refine your thesis and flow of information.
    • Make a third appointment to do final sentence-by-sentence edits.