Returning TA-PL Information

Returning TA-PL Information

  • The TA-PL program is comprised of students who have demonstrated not only a history of academic success, but also emotional maturity, initiative, and a strong understanding of the skills and resources incoming students need to succeed at Berea. 
  • The work of a TA-PL (typically, 12-hour primaries only for a year-long position) takes many forms: regular one-on-one meetings with their assigned faculty member; one-on-one meetings with students (typically during regularly held TA hours); group meetings with students; group meetings with other TA/PLs (required labor meetings). It also involves considerable independent work, as TA-PLs may be asked to develop resources and workshops to support faculty and students. 
  • Returning TA-PLs will be asked to mentor new TA-PLs in formal and informal ways. This might mean conducting labor meeting workshops or presentations, where returning TA-PLs share their experiences and insights; holding one-on-one check-in meetings with new TA-PLs; or allowing new TA-PLs to sit in on TA hours meetings. This mentoring experience is related to the philosophy of the TA-PL program, which deeply values collaboration and peer learning. 
  • All TA-PLs are expected to return to campus approximately one week before the start of the fall semester to attend several days of orientation (exact date TBA). So, in addition to committing to the school year contract, you are asked to commit to a summer contract for the orientation period.