Student Chaplains

Student Chaplains


Chill & Chat is held Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7– 11 in the Fireside Room (Draper Bldg.).  Students can chat with friends in a comfortable living room atmosphere with drinks and snacks (and a warm fire when the weather turns cold).  They can also use the space to study, play board/card games or simply to chill and relax.


student chaplain sabrina
Sabrina Acheampong

Student Chaplain Coordinator

Major:  Business Administration
Hall: Shinn
From: Atlanta, Georgia

Chantel student chaplain
Chantel Hazell

Student Chaplain

Major: Business
Hall: James
From: Boston, Massachusetts

student chaplain ben
Ben Carlson

Team Leader for First Year/Chapel

Major: Economics & Business
Hall: Danforth
From: Manila, Philippines

Erin Johnson student chaplain
Erin Johnson

Student Chaplain

Major: Communications
From: Providence, Kentucky

Abigail Hockstok student chaplain
Abigail Hockstok

Student Chaplain

Majors: Psychology and Child and Family Studies
Hall: Elizabeth Rogers
From: Cincinnati, Ohio

Taylor Hunter student chaplain
Taylor Hunter

Student Chaplain

Majors: Political Science and Peace and Social Justice
Hall: Kentucky-Talcott
From: Asheville, North Carolina

Samuel Maison student chaplain
Samuel Maison

Student Chaplain

Major: Biology
Hall: Dana
From: Ghana

Salaam Nahasi student chaplain
Salaam Nahasi

Student Chaplain

Major: Computer Science and Business Administration
Hall: Anna Smith
From: Huntsville, Alabama

Jerneisha Lewis student chaplain
Jerneisha Lewis

Student Chaplain

Major: Computer Science
Hall: Pearsons
From: Huntsville, Alabama

Benjamin Rodriguez-Mancini student chaplain
Benjamin Rodriguez-Mancini

Student Chaplain

Major: Political Science, Peace and Social Justice, and Economics
Hall: Kettering
From: Puerto Varas, Chile

Syd Hensley student chaplain
Syd Hensley

Student Chaplain

Majors: Biology
Hall: Danforth GIH
From: Junction City, Kentucky

student chaplain danielle
Danielle Korsah-Brown

Coordinator for First Year/Chapel

Major: Psychology and Child and Family Studies
Hall: Kettering
From:  Lexington, KY

student chaplain jess
Jess Poynter

Team Leader for Interfaith/Community

Major: Peace and Social Justice
Home Management House
From:  Beaver Dam, KY

student chaplain claudia
Claudia Pulido

Coordinator for Interfaith/Community

Major: Computer Science
Hall: Shinn
From: Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela & Knoxville, TN

Gloire Turu student chaplain
Gloire Turu

Student Chaplain

Major: Business and Economics
Hall: Kentucky-Talcott
From: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Charity Gilbert student chaplain
Charity Gilbert

Student Chaplain

Major: Appalachian Studies
Hall: Elizabeth Rogers
From: Oneida, Kentucky