Student Service Awards

Congratulations to our 2017/18 Award Recipients!

The Student Service Awards Selection Panel would like to congratulate the following students in recognition of their outstanding achievement and work in service
during the 2017/18 academic year.

E.R. Brann Good Citizenship Award:
Derby Chukwudi & Priscila Garcia

Jane Ann Kendrick Community Service Award:
Raunak Thakur

Layman Memorial Scholarship:
Sharpy Maluba

The Lucille Christian and George McKinney Service Award:
Alondra Garcia & Mohlatlego Makgoba

Ernest and Emily G. Graham Volunteer Service Award:
Ana Gutierrez & Tyler Ostman

Dr. Lee E. Wickline Scholarship:
Corey Walker

Louise Veltin Memorial Award:
Osvaldo Flores

Homer A. and Carol M. Porter Citizen-Servant Emerging Leader Award:
Amber Earlywine, Nicole Itumba, Julia Roberts, & Samantha Vaccaro

Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King Award:
Ben Christson & Marissa Morales

Eva Nell Whitaker Alley Award:
Paola Benefo, Kelley Farley, Minashsha Lamisa, & Evelyne Rivera

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award and the William E. Bardusch, Jr. Graduate Scholarship:
Guerds Jean


The Student Service Awards recognize current students for outstanding contributions to our surrounding community and to Berea College.  The awards and funded by endowments from donors to Berea College, and the focus of each award was chosen by the donors.


The E.R. Brann Good Citizenship Award

Each year, this award is given to the student whose character and life have made an outstanding contribution to the Christian character of Berea College.

The Jane Ann Kendrick Community Service Award

This award is given to a student who has accented the value of volunteer work. In doing so, they have improved and enriched the lives of others. This must be done through volunteer service to the community and not as part of a paid labor position.

The Layman Memorial Scholarship

This award was established by the daughters of the Rev. and Mrs. Henry L. Layman. Their parents were missionaries in Japan for 35 years. It is awarded each year to the student deemed most likely to make a contribution to international relations and understanding.

George and Lucille C. McKinney Service Award

This award is given to a junior who is an active participant in volunteer service in the college community. Nominations are sought from a recognized campus organization including residence halls and labor departments.

Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King Award

This award recognizes campus leadership in interracial understanding. It is given to two students, one African American and one white or non-white. These students must exhibit leadership qualities in the promotion of interracial understanding in all aspects of campus and student life.

Ernest and Emily G. Graham Volunteer Service Award

This award recognizes two students who have demonstrated exceptional volunteer service during the year. First, second and third year students qualify. Nominations must originate from formal service groups.

Dr. Lee E. Wickline Scholarship

The recipient must exhibit enthusiastic interest in school and community activities. They must also have an awareness of universal human values. Awardee must be a full-time enrolled third- or fourth-year student. Student must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA and major or minor in education.

Homer A. & Carol M. Porter, Jr. Citizen-Servant Emerging Leader Awards

Given to as many as four students. Students’ participation in and contributions to service programs or service-learning courses should exemplify the selflessness characteristics of a servant leader. Recipients must not have reached third-year academic status before the end of the spring term.

Louise Veltin Memorial Award

This award is given to a graduating student with a distinguished good citizen record at Berea College.  Third- and fourth-year students and general faculty are invited to nominate a student for this award.

Eva Nell Whitaker Alley Award

Eva Nell Whitaker Alley, ’44 was a vital contributor to Berea’s campus life. She passed away four years after her graduation.  The Eva Nell Whitaker Alley Award Fund was established by her husband George in 1949 to honor her memory.


  • Nominee must be a graduating female (Spring or Summer)
  • Nominee has exhibited leadership in campus activities
  • Nominee has been a vital part of Berea College and has greatly contributed to student and campus life
  • Nominations must come from members of the senior class or a member of the faculty or staff.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

William E. Bardusch Jr. Graduate Scholarship

History of the awards:

Both the Sullivan Award and the Bardusch Scholarship were created by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation based in Oxford, Mississippi. The Sullivan Foundation has supported Berea College since 1937. It provides grants for student scholarships and social entrepreneurship activities. The Foundation sponsors annual awards on more than 60 college campuses. It does this to honor the lives and service of Algernon Sydney Sullivan and his wife, Mary Mildred Sullivan. Via the Sullivan awards, the Foundation wishes to recognize individuals whose nobility of character and dedication to service set them apart as examples for others.

Berea College will choose one graduating senior to receive both the award and scholarship. The Sullivan Foundation created the Bardusch Scholarship at Berea to honor both the Foundation’s longtime president, William E. Bardusch, Jr., and the long-standing partnership between the Foundation and Berea College.

Nominations for the recipient of these awards may come from students, faculty or staff.  Self-nominations do not qualify.


  • Nominee must be a graduating senior who plans to enroll in graduate school, working toward a master’s or doctorial degree. Students must enroll within two years of graduating from Berea.  The Bardusch Scholarship payment will be made directly to the graduate institution upon the student’s enrollment.
  • Nominee must show strength of character and a tendency toward humble, selfless and meaningful service to others.
  • If the recipient does not enroll in graduate school within two years of graduating from Berea, they may keep the Sullivan Award but will not receive the Bardusch Scholarship payment.