Are you interested in developing a service-learning partnership? CELTS offers a variety of resources to help you get started. The center will also support you throughout your service-learning experience.

Service-Learning Handbooks


The service-learning staff at CELTS are available for individual consultations with:

  • faculty
  • community partners
  • students

We can help you:

  • develop ideas for projects
  • connect you with a service-learning partner
  • connect you with more resources

Contact CELTS Director Ashley Cochrane to make an appointment.

Orientations, Reflection Facilitations and TA Trainings

CELTS service-learning staff offer:

  • in-class orientations for service-learning courses
  • assistance with facilitation of reflection activities
  • trainings for Teaching Assistants (TAs) who will be working with a service-learning course.

Contact CELTS Director Ashley Cochrane for more information or to schedule one of these programs.

Mini-Van and Transportation Reimbursement

CELTS has a mini-van available for use by students in service-learning courses. All motor pool regulations apply to use of the CELTS mini-van. Contact CELTS Program Associate Sheila Lyons to schedule use of the mini-van. Please call at least one week in advance. See the attached form for details about use of the mini-van.

CELTS also offers limited reimbursement of transportation costs for service-learning courses. See the attached form for more information.

Sample Forms

These sample forms may be helpful as you develop your service-learning course. You are welcome to use or adapt these forms to fit the specific needs of your service-learning course.

Resource Library

CELTS has available a variety of resources that focus on service-learning. You can access a full listing of these resources on BANC, the Berea College Library Catalog.

Web Resources

These websites provide many resources for

  • faculty,
  • community partners and
  • students.

They include information on service-learning

  • syllabi,
  • reflection,
  • research,
  • conferences,
  • publications and more.



  • Campus Compact: Service-Learning Syllabi Links
    • From this page of the Campus Compact website, you can connect to the “service-learning syllabi by discipline project.” This allows you to search for service-learning syllabi in your field. The website also provides links to many other service-learning syllabi lists and resources.