Weddings at Danforth Chapel

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to hold weddings in our Chapel at this time.  We will continue to evaluate when we can re-open Danforth Chapel to weddings.  Thank you for your understanding during this time.

The Campus Christian Center wishes to assist you in preparing to make your wedding a memorable experience for all present. Our wedding guidelines for use of the Chapel and an application are below.  Additionally, pictures of the Chapel and Fireside Room are available as well as a list of available dates.

Wedding Guidelines (PDF File)

Chapel Seating Options (PDF file)

Wedding Application (PDF file)

Campus Map & Parking with annotations
(PDF file)

Video Tour of Danforth Chapel & Fireside Room


Pictures of the Chapel
Pictures of the Fireside Room
Draper Building Exterior

Contact Marsha Elliott, Office Manager at 859-985-3134 or for:

  • Availability of the Chapel for a particular date
  • Discussion of fees
  • Other general questions