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Please refer to the table below to find the building name and position on map

Anna Smith A
Bingham Q
Blue Ridge W
Dana S
Danforth R
Deep Green Residence Hall B
Ecovillage P
Edwards 24
Elizabeth Rogers N
Fairchild 6
Harrison-McClain Home Management House M
James E
Kentucky V
Kettering L
Pearsons T
Seabury F
SENS House O
Talcott U

Admissions (Haaga House) 11
Alumni Building 5
Berea College Visitors Center 1
Bookstore 2
Boone Tavern Hotel 3
John B. Stephenson Hall 25
Central Utility Plant 30
White House Clinic 33
Danforth Chapel 17b
Danforth Tech. & Ind. Arts 26
Draper Building 17a
Ecovillage (SENSs House, 13a
Commons House)
Edwards Building F
(College Relations)
Emery Building 23
Facilities Management 32
Fairchild Hall (People Services, 6
Student Labor)
Fowler Child Development 13b
Frost Building 19
Goldthwait Agricultural Bldg. 29
Frost Cottage 36
Penniman 7
Haaga House (Admissions) 11
Hafer-Gibson Nursing Bldg. 27
Hall Science Building 21
Hutchins Library (Media 14
Services, Computer Center)
Jelkyl Drama Center 18 (McGaw/Musser Theatres)
Name Position on Map

Knapp Hall 10
Lincoln Hall (President’s Office, 20
Dean’s Office, Student Service
Center, Student Financial Aid
Log House Craft Gallery 35
Mueller Building 28
(Student Crafts)
Phelps Stokes Chapel 16
President’s Home 8
Presser Hall (Gray Auditorium) 9
Name Position on Map

Rogers-Traylor Art Building 15
(Dimitrie Berea Gallery)
Seabury Center 22
Sunshine Ballard Cottage 34
Sturt Cottage 12
Union Church 4

The College is located near the center of the city, where Kentucky’s Bluegrass Region meets the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains. Easily accessible, Berea is located 42 miles south of Lexington, Ky., just off Interstate 75.

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