Our Mission, Values, Commitments & Goals


To strengthen local and regional leadership in Central Appalachia.


Local people effectively lead the development of Appalachian communities, resulting in an enhanced quality of life.

Brushy Fork Leadership Institute’s Values

As Brushy Fork Leadership Institute provides established and emerging leaders with opportunities to enhance their skills, gain innovation perspectives, and create connections with others working on similar issues, we approach this work with the intent to:

  • Honor the voice and vision of local people.
  • Engage community members in partnership for mutual learning, growth, and service.
  • Promote learning, innovation, and results through hands-on work in community.
  • Encourage mindful living, zest for learning, and concern for others.
  • Assert the kinship of all people.


Brushy Fork Leadership Institute’s overarching programmatic goals are to:

  1. Increase the number of people assuming leadership at the community, organizational, and regional levels
  2. Enhance leadership skills and perspectives for individuals and organizations
  3. Apply learning through projects that make a difference in community
  4. Support regional networks and partnerships
  5. Promote Brushy Fork’s Leadership Values and the Great Commitments of Berea College

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