Special Learning Opportunities


Kentucky Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (KBRIN)


  • Expand faculty bioinformatics knowledge and experience.
  • Develop & introduce informatics-inclusive components into the Biology and Chemistry curricula.
  • Institute a summer research program targeting BC freshmen/sophomores with a biomedical-/informatics-/ gene-based focus.

KBRIN in the Berea College Science Classroom / Lab

Microbiology (Sophomore)

Laboratory Research Project: Enrich, purify, characterize and identify an unknown bacterial isolate of health-related significance. Includes 16S rRNA gene amplification, PCR product purification, DNA sequencing, and BLAST search.

Genetics (Junior)

Laboratory Research Project: Amplification, cloning and characterization of human gene sequences. Includes proposal preparation, human genome database usage, primer design, PCR product cloning, and DNA sequencing.

Biochemistry (Junior/Senior)

Protein Sequence/Structure Analysis Project
Protein Explorer-based structure analysis
Vector NTI-based sequence analysis

Past examples include p53, TGFß (2003) and Apolipoprotein A1, GFP (2004)

Advanced Chemistry Lab (Junior/Senior)

Protein Modeling Project
SGI Octane SE workstation
Accelrys Insight II with CHARM and Biopolymer
Molecular models for cationic anti-microbial peptides

KBRIN Undergraduate Summer Research

Learn more about KBRIN Undergraduate Summer Research.