Majors and Minors

“Take the time to talk to others in the Asian Studies Department, go to the Asian Studies Colloquium presentations, and study abroad…. Don’t let what you learn end there — check into it during your free time. What matters most isn’t having free time, but what you do with it.” – Christine Gilbert-Crawford ’16

“Reflect on your learning!  Ask yourself how the material is relevant, what consequences it could entail, and how it contributes to your understanding of Asia. Make connections with previous material and from one course to another course.” – Emilee Rubio ’16

“There are no limits to how we can connect Asian Studies with other majors…. I can apply my business knowledge and skills in the Asian Studies arena…. Expand your horizons.  Double major.” – Erica Berejnoi ’16

Major and Minor Requirements

Majors in Asian Studies must choose one of three concentrations to guide their coursework: China, Japan, or Comparative Asia.  Regardless of concentration, all majors in Asian Studies will include coursework that entails the study of a variety of Asian cultures.  There is no concentration requirement for the minor in Asian Studies.