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Appalachian Studies is a multidisciplinary program examining various aspects of Appalachia–the places, the cultures, the experiences, the constructs, and even comparison with other highland regions around the world.  Berea regularly offers course work  exploring literature, health issues, crafts, sustainability, entrepreneurship, contemporary issues, art, gender, and race in the region.

Appalachian Studies Minor and Major

An Appalachian Studies minor is available and will complement and enrich any major program at the College.  Berea students may also pursue an Independent Major in Appalachian Studies under the guidance of the Appalachian Studies Director, Dr. Chris Green.

One former coordinator of APS said: “What can you do with an Appalachian Studies minor or major? Anything you want to!”  It’s true.  Our graduates are working in community development, education, social services, advocacy, and community organizing throughout the region and across the country.  Talk to Dr. Green about your future in Appalachian Studies.


The Loyal Jones Appalachian Center

StudentsInCenter2013Appalachian Studies in headquartered in the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, located on the first floor of Stephenson Hall. In the Appalachian Center you can find, not just a field of study, but a home.  We have faculty offices, a gallery, regular programming, a research library, rocking chairs, cafe tables, our Dolly Parton pinball machine set on free play, and a place to chill.  Students are always welcome and just might find a cup of coffee or other goodies.

Dr. Green presents a certificate to the winner of our 2013 pinball tournament

Dr. Green presents the winner of our 2013 Dolly Parton pinball tournament

Visit the site of the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center, or better yet, stop in to talk to us, and learn much more of Berea’s commitment, curriculum, and programs related to Appalachia.


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