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Berea College is one of a small number of liberal arts colleges in the United States offering an academic program in agriculture and natural resources (ANR).  The ANR Program’s curriculum provides all students with a sound foundation in ANR with flexible options to pursue training in particular areas of interest. It consists of introductory courses thoroughly covering general concepts and interrelationships in ANR and more specialized electives that allow students to pursue particular areas of interest in plant and soil sciences, animal science, and natural resources management.

The ANR curriculum ensures that graduates know and understand scientific facts and principles pertaining to soils, plants, animals, economics, and ecology and will have the ability to apply those facts and principles to the management of agriculture and natural resource systems; be conversant in a broad range of subject matters and locate, interpret, critically evaluate, synthesize, and present information through writing and speech; understand agriculture and natural resources within the broader societal contexts of culture, ecology, economics, politics, and history; and examine and prepare for career opportunities in agriculture and natural resources, including graduate education.

ANR majors can gain unique practical experience working on the College’s educational farm, which includes beef cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, field crops, and a horticultural operation that produces certified organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, as well as a variety of annual and perennial ornamentals for retail sale. The work experience gained from the College Farm complements classroom learning and provides a real advantage to students through skill development and management training.

Graduates of the ANR Program enter a diverse array of career fields including livestock production, horticultural production, forestry, pest management and entomology, veterinary medicine, research and teaching, natural resources management, and cooperative extension. Positions held by some of our recent graduates include landscape and plant nursery manager, farm manager, Natural Resources Conservation Service agent, Cooperative Extension agent, 4-H agent, Peace Corps volunteer, veterinarian, veterinary assistant, agricultural research technician, laboratory technician, counselor/educator, forester, soil scientist, and state equine inspector. ANR graduates have also pursued their career goals in private business, sales, marketing, agritourism, and graduate school programs at universities across the US.

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