Student Alumni Council

The Student Alumni Council (SAC) is comprised of Berea College’s distinguished student leaders who represent the college during alumni events, donor and trustee luncheons, and other various activities on and off campus. Members of the Student Alumni Council act as liaisons and engage the student body with Berea College’s alumni community.

As a member of the Student Alumni Council, students are asked to serve on one of the three committees that support the mission of Berea College. Through collaboration of each committee, SAC hosts events that connect and educate students on the importance of giving back, networking with distinguished alumni, and maintaining the strategic initiatives of the Alumni Council. 

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Connect with SAC

Pave the way for future Bereans

 The Student Philanthropy committee educates the student body on the importance of giving back while a current student at Berea College. Each student who makes a monetary gift through their labor paycheck to the Berea Fund becomes a member of a student donor group called Berea Patrons.

This committee creates the strategic plan of educating future student donors, coordinates all student fundraising events, and stewards those students who are current Berea Patrons.

The mission of this committee is to educate, retain, and thank student donors of Berea College.

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Creating the relationship of a lifetime

The Networking committee brings together students and alumni with similar interests and career aspirations. The committee creates programs and collaborates on events with the Internship and Career Development Center that have a career oriented focus for the student body.

This committee will focus on building an alumni/student networking mentorship program. The goal of this program is to connect alumni and current students who share similar career interests.

Keeping the campus informed

The Public Relations Committee works with the Student Philanthropy and the Networking committees as well as the Alumni Relations Office to connect students and alumni.

This committee is responsible for relaying the strategic initiatives of the Alumni Council to the campus community. The committee engages in public outreach, event marketing, and supporting the council’s mission.