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Financial Eligibility

Financial Eligibility

The College’s mission is to serve students of unlimited potential and limited financial means which requires the Office of Admissions to assess an applicant’s financial eligibility. Estimating your financial eligibility to attend Berea College is an important first step in determining if you qualify. If you find that your quick estimator result or household income meets the criteria below, we encourage you to apply.

Please be aware that our financial eligibility tools and tables are meant only to be estimated guidelines. All students being considered for admission will be assessed on both academic merit and financial eligibility which includes a variety of factors.*

If you find your household does not meet financial eligibility criteria, have questions or are unsure, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our Family Engagement Counselor, Becca Parrish.

The following tables provide estimates for the Fall 2024 application. Fall 2025 updates coming soon.

*All students are required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to complete an application file and students who qualify for the Federal Pell Grant typically meet the College’s financial eligibility requirement. Many factors are considered when determining a student’s financial eligibility, primarily using the FAFSA, but in some cases, a student may be required to submit a Financial Resource Questionnaire, Non-Custodial Financial Questionnaire, Self-Employed/Business Owner Questionnaire, or additional documentation to ultimately determine an applicant’s financial eligibility. 

Please note, determining financial eligibility is an assessment within the Office of Admissions, and determining financial aid offers is a function of Student Financial Aid Services. However, information provided during the admissions process may be used to guide professional judgments, resolve conflicting information and finalize financial aid offers if admitted.