Clubs and Honors

Clubs and Honors


  • Department Labor Award
  • Waldemar Noll Award – Presented annually to the senior Physics major with the highest scholastic standing in the major field, the prize is established in memory of Dr. Waldemar Noll, former Professor of Physics at Berea College.
  • The Dr. Charles Bishop Spangler Physics Award - Presented annually to graduating senior chosen by the Physics faculty. This award was established by Dr. Daniel Patrick Spangler (‘56), the brother of Dr. Charles Bishop Spangler, who was a Berea College graduate of Physics and Math in 1953.
  • The J. Stanton King Science Award - Presented annually to one or more juniors or seniors majoring in biology, chemistry, or physics. The recipients must have exhibited excellence in both academic and personal life. This award was established by the American Association of Clinical Chemistry in honor of Dr. J. Stanton King, a Berea alumnus.
  • The Lilli Brann Scholarship in Physical Sciences - The scholarship is awarded annually to chemistry and physics majors, who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship in their chosen field, superior character in their everyday life, and have financial need. This award was established by Mr. E.R. Brann, Class of 1942, of Madison, Wisconsin, in honor of his mother.


Berea College Society of Physics Students (Berea College SPS), formerly known as the Physics Club is the Berea College Chapter of a nationwide organization – The Society of Physics Students. The society is a student affiliate of American Institute of Physics (AIP). It  has been associated with the organization since May 17, 1937.  You are welcome to be part of our 75 years of history. The Society of Physics Students was established to promote the physical sciences among students of campus community. It serves students with interests in physical sciences like Physics, Engineering, Applied Science, Chemistry, and so on, though anyone on campus is welcome to be part of the organization.

You can find more information on the club on its Facebook or Instagram pages.