We are proud of our Berea College physics alumni. We want to stay connected with you — in fact, we would like to have information for all of the alumni of the department. How can you help? Send us your information, of course. We can also find us at on facebook at Berea College Physics Alumni.

We would like to highlight the accomplishment of Sam Hurst, 1947 physics graduate.

From Bell county in Southeast Kentucky, Sam Hurst grew up fascinated by science. He enrolled to Berea College and worked with physics professor Waldemar Noll who encouraged him to pursue his passion for electronics. An inventor, he held more than 30 patents. Along the way, he invented the first touch screen. You can read more about his time at Berea and his fascinating life.

Below is a list of names of the alumni who have graduated with a B.A. degree in physics from Berea College. If you want to add yourself to the list, send an email to