Professor in math class at Berea College

Berea College


Graduates receive a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics. A minor in is also available. While the major is rigorous enough to stand alone, the requirements are flexible enough to allow a double major in a variety of disciplines, including Education Studies with a focus in Teaching Curriculum for a Mathematics (8-12) teaching certification.

Opportunities & Internships

The Pi-Mu-Epsilon Honor Society and Math Club seek to promote mathematics on campus through fun and engaging activities.

On-and off-campus summer research opportunities are available through Berea’s URCPP and NSF REU programs.

Through the College’s work program, prospective math teachers are provided opportunities to develop skills in working one-on-one with students in the Developmental Math classroom setting. Working for the Mathematics Department as a Teaching Assistant provides valuable teaching experience and strengthens one’s own understanding while helping others. The Department also regularly invites outside speakers and arranges for students to visit mathematical conferences and sites.

The Pugsley Freshman and Spangler Senior Mathematics awards recognize outstanding scholastic achievement in Mathematics. The Ballard-McConnell-Willis Mathematics Scholarship is awarded to one senior, one junior, and one sophomore per year and provides financial support to enrich the educational experience, including study abroad and other cultural educational experiences.

Careers & Outcomes

Berea Mathematics graduates, distinguished by their experience in the work program and unique research opportunities, find
employment in a wide variety of occupations and career fields, including:

  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Biostatistician
  • College Professor
  • Primary and Secondary Math Teacher
  • Engineer
  • Economist/Financial Consultant

The ability to do (even abstract) mathematics and the analytical thinking that it requires trains the mind to think clearly about complex problems in the real world. This skill is of great value in the job market.

John Ramsay