Majors and Minors (HHP)

Majors and Minors (HHP)

Program Information

Students majoring in Health and Human Performance are expected to hold a labor position for at least one term within the Health and Human Performance Department, Seabury Center, or Intramurals.

Major and Minor Requirements

Learning Goal 1: Common learning goals pertaining to Health and Human Performance

Learning Outcome 1.1: To understand research, components, and modes, within the disciplines related to Health and Human Performance.

Learning Outcome 1.2: To understand and apply current concepts, theories, and models/frameworks used in health and human performance.

Learning Goal 2: To understand the principles of Exercise Science

Learning Outcome 2.1: Demonstrate foundational knowledge of exercise science through an understanding of the underlying physiological principles which guide how the body responds to physical demands.

Learning Goal 3: To understand health and health promotion

Learning Outcome 3.1: Assess health status and plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion programming and interventions that motivate and facilitate behavior change for populations of diverse individuals, groups, and communities.

Learning Goal 4: To understand Kinesiology

Learning Outcome 4.1: To apply principles of motor behavior, mechanical principles of the human body and to define ways in which people of diverse population learn to move.

Learning Goal 5: To understand pedagogical perspectives in Health and Human Performance

Learning Outcome 5.1:  To plan, implement, and evaluate the delivery of health and human performance content based on state and national standards.