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Course Proposal Forms

Course Proposal Forms

Proposing Courses to Meet General Education Requirements

Departments may propose courses to meet Perspective, Practical Reasoning, and Active Learning Experience requirements. For each course being proposed a syllabus or detailed course description and a completed request form for the credit(s) being proposed should be submitted electronically to Tiffany Lindsey (, staff support to COGE. The request forms ask respondents to indicate how the course will address the faculty-approved learning goals for the requirement.

Requests are promptly reviewed and acted upon by the Committee on General Education (COGE). Department Chairs will receive an email reminder with proposal submission deadlines early each term. Submission of the proposal by the deadline is necessary in order to include information about the General Education requirements in the printed schedule of classes published prior to registration.

Courses may be proposed to meet one or two general education requirements.

Perspective credit is approved for courses, not for individual students.

The submission deadlines concerning requests for general education requirements during 2023-2024 (ALE, PR, PRQ, Natural Science, Perspectives, and Service-Learning) are as follows:

  • Spring & Summer 2024: Tuesday, October 10th, 2023
  • Fall 2024: Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Please submit all documentation for these requests to Tiffany Lindsey ( before these deadlines pass.

If you are new to Service-Learning or not sure if your course is a good match for Service-Learning, please contact Ashley Cochrane, Director of The Center for Excellence in Learning Through Service (CELTS) to learn more and brainstorm possibilities. Just as a reminder, courses that are not permanently designated as service-learning courses need to “renew” their S-L Course designation each time the course is taught as an S-L course by submitting the S-L Course designation proposal form (Part A only).

Just as a reminder, here are the ways to go about requesting perspectives for various types of course offerings:

  • Never before offered Special Topics courses: Department Chairs should submit completed perspective request from and draft syllabus to Tiffany Lindsey by the appropriate deadline.
  • Catalog Courses requesting new or different perspectives: Department Chairs should submit completed perspective request form and draft syllabus to Tiffany Lindsey by the appropriate deadline.
  • Special topics courses offered before in previous terms that were granted perspectives during the last offering: Instructor should send a note to Tiffany Lindsey (with Department Chair CC’ed) by the appropriate deadline verifying that the course offering and content for the course will be the same as it was when previously offered. No extra documentation/resubmitted documentation is required.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact Tiffany Lindsey, Eileen McKiernan-Gonzalez, or EJ Stokes.

The request forms, which should be completed and submitted with a course syllabus, are available below:


Practical Reasoning

Active Learning Experience

Natural Science