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Broughton Anderson
Dr. C Broughton Anderson, FSAScot
Associate Professor of Archaeology|Art and Art History
Dr C. Broughton Anderson, FSAScot
Office Location
Rogers-Traylor Art Building 401, Geo-Archaeology Lab MAC 251
Office Hours
  • TBA (Sabbatical ay 2023-2024)
  • Introduction to Archaeology
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Immaterialty/Materiality
  • Stonehenge and Chaco Canyon: Archaeology, Architecture, Astronomy
  • The Archaeology of Colonialism and Globalization in the 21st Century
  • The Archaeology of Ritual Spaces
  • Native American Art and Archaeology
  • The Archaeology of Berea; The Archaeology of Us
  • Historical Archaeology
  • Erasure: An Historical Archaeology of Our World
  • The Archaeology of Slavery and Emancipation
  • Bioarchaeology and Violence
  • Advanced Archaeological Surveying and Mapping
  • Independent Majors in Anthropological Archaeology are considered. Please reach out if you are interested.
  • NAGPRA related inquiries, please reach out via email and/or phone.

Historical Archaeologist interested in the impact of capitalism on agrarian communities, the clearance and erasure of the other in and on historical landscapes, and how the production of texts reinforce subtle violence against people and their home places and spaces (hooks 1996; Battle Baptiste 2016).  Regional interest/expertise: 18th and early 19th century Southwest Scotland and free communities in Appalachia, Madison County, Kentucky. 

Capitalism requires inequality; racism enshrines inequality. Ruth Wilson Gilmore

  • Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • M.A., Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • M.Ed., Secondary School Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • B.A., History, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College
Publications & Works
  • Grants and Fellowships

    Appalachian College Association John B Stephenson Semester Fellowship ($20,000) Development of a book manuscript, Creating Homeplace: An Historical Archaeology of the White/Baxter Family, 2022-2023

    Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Program Grant Berea College ($1700), 2020/2021

    Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Program Grant Berea College ($15,058) Co-Directed with Drs. Scott Heggen and Matt Jadud, Computer Science, 2017

    Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Program Grant, Berea College ($1545), 2014

    The Wenner‐Gren Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant ($14, 490), 2010

    Selected Publications 

    2022 Invisible but not forgotten Freed Black Women in Antebellum and Postbellum Madison County, Kentucky Archaeologies Journal of the World Archaeological Congress.

    2020 “Space, Place, and Architecture in Historical Archaeology” In the Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, edited by Claire Smith (previously appeared online).

    2016 “Uncovering and Recovering Cleared Galloway: The Use of Documents in Rural 18th and 19th Century Lowland Scotland.” In The Importance of British Material Culture to Historical Archaeologies of the Nineteenth‐Century, edited by Alasdair Brooks, 137-161. Society for Historical Archaeology Material Culture Series Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

    2016 Sarah M. Jones, Beth Kelly, Connie Lamb, Maggie Robillard, Nancy Lumpkin Sowers, C. Broughton Anderson, and Leslie Ortquist‐Ahrens. “Can Formative Peer Review Ease the Transition for Experienced New Faculty?” Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal, 9/1.

    Selected Conference Presentations

    2023 “Keep Digging: Persistent Archaeology within the Archaeologies of Persistence” Session: Archaeologies of Persistence at the Turn of the 20th Century. American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting Toronto Canada, November.

    2023 “Home: Place, Space, Survival, Resistance” Session: Deepening Archaeology’s Engagement with Black Studies. Society of American Archaeology Annual Meeting Portland, Oregon, April.

    2018 “Invisibility and intersectionality: Seeking free black women in Antebellum Kentucky” Session: Intersections of Gender, Sexuality, Class, Race, Ethnicity, Age, Religion, the Military. Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting, New Orleans January.

    2017 “Conforming To Tourism: The Tension Between Small Farms And Heritage In Dumfries And Galloway, Scotland” Session: Present Identities from the Past. Providing a Meaning to Modern Communities. Theme: Twenty‐five Years after Maastricht: Archaeology and Europe’s future. European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting, Maastricht, the Netherlands, September.

    2017b “Capitalism is Conflict: Reconsidering Subtle and Covert Violence within Marginalized Communities” Session: Where Now in Conflict Archaeology? Theme: Interpreting the Archaeological Record. European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting, Maastricht, the Netherlands, September.