Appalachian Studies
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Appalachian Studies

An Appalachian Studies (APS) minor is available and will complement and enrich any major program at the College. Berea students may also pursue an Independent Major in Appalachian Studies. Appalachian Studies is a multidisciplinary program examining various aspects of Appalachia. APS offers course work in literature, health issues, history, crafts, sustainability, entrepreneurship, contemporary issues, art, gender, and race in the region and how it interacts with the nation and world.

Opportunities & Internships

  • Students study with award winning authors and scholars such as Silas House and Chris Green.
  • Intern with community non-profits throughout eastern Kentucky and Appalachia with the Perley Ayers Internship Award.
  • Work in the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center as someone helping to lead Berea’s work with Appalachia and with our world-class artifact collection.
  • Work with Berea’s Appalachian outreach programs such as the Brushy Fork Institute, Partners for Rural Impact, or Grow Appalachia.
  • Access research and travel funds.
  • Win awards given by APS that include (a) The Francis S. Hutchins/Robinson Mountain Fund Award, (b) The Weatherford Hammond Prize in Appalachian Literature, (c) The Stammer Appalachian Service Endowed Labor Award, and (d) The Red Foley Memorial Music Award.

Careers & Outcomes

What can you do with an Appalachian Studies minor or major? Anything you want to! APS graduates are working and continuing their studies in various fields including:

  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Ecology
  • Social Services
  • Arts and Culture
  • Tourism
  • Advocacy
  • Community organizing throughout the region and across the country

In my Appalachian Studies classes, my work at the Appalachian Center, and my travels with the Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble, I found that my teachers and mentors always supported the work that was close to my heart: learning the traditions of the mountains and speaking about the region’s contemporary truth.