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LeAnna Luney
Dr. LeAnna T. Luney
Assistant Professor|African and African American Studies
Dr. LeAnna T. Luney
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Dr. LeAnna T. Luney is a visiting assistant professor of African and African American Studies at Berea College. Her scholarship centralizes Black girls’, womxn’s, and femmes’ lived experiences in educational institutions using theoretical and praxis-driven frameworks of Black feminism and decolonization. Dr. Luney specifically focuses on Black girls’, womxn’s, and femmes’ practices of coping and care using intersectional ethnographic research methodologies to create and implement equitable policy in educational systems. Her other scholarship includes educational activism, and supporting students, families, and communities in re-creating and implementing equitable policy in education systems. She has led workshops on combatting anti-Blackness in higher education; provided cost-free Ethnic Studies reading groups to marginalized communities; mentored undergraduate students on research methodologies; facilitated culturally relevant coping courses to high school students; and has been an invited discussant in numerous campus, departmental, and community talks.

While a student at Berea College, Dr. Luney was awarded the 2014 Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. At the University of Colorado Boulder, she was awarded the 2020 Ethnic Studies Summer Research Grant, 2020 Ruth Glenn Scholarship, 2020 Ethnic Studies Best Paper Award, and the 2021 Arts and Sciences Consortium of Committees on Climate, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity. During her time at the University of Kentucky, she was awarded the 2022 UNited In True racial Equity (UNITE) Community Engagement Grant. As a Berea College professor, Dr. Luney was selected for the Mellon Periclean Faculty Leadership Program in the Humanities, supported by the Mellon Foundation and the Eugene M. Lang Foundation.

Outside of the academy, Dr. Luney finds joy caring for her dogs and garden, and being in community with loved ones.

  • Dr. Luney earned a PhD in Comparative Ethnic Studies, with a specialization in Africana Studies, and Certificate in College Teaching from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2021; a M.A. in Pan-African Studies from the University of Louisville in 2018; and a B.A. in African and African American Studies and Psychology from Berea College in 2016. In 2021, Dr. Luney trained a Lyman T. Johnson Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Kentucky in the College of Education where she worked with the Civil Rights Initiative.
Publications & Works
  • Luney, L.T., & Luney-Ballew, M.T. (In press, September 2023). Musings on school communities, information evasion, and the children of incarcerated parents. Mass Incarceration in the 21st Century: Realities and Reflections. Routledge.

    Luney, L. T., & Gonzalez, C. (In press, August 2023). Misogynoir, Ethnic Studies, and Mundanity: Institutionality and the Quotidian Life of Anti-Black Womxn-ness in Ethnic Studies Policy and Procedure. (When) Will the Joy Come: Black Womxn in the Ivory Tower. University of Massachusetts Press.

    Luney, L.T. (2022). Like our foremothers survived: Confrontation, humor, and self-education as resistance coping in Black womxn and femme college student Being. Frontiers in Education: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

    Matias, C.E., Thompson, F., & Luney, L.T. (2022). When white dwarfs burn our color: Whiteness, emotionality, and the will to thrive. Research Issues in Contemporary Education.

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