Take Back the Kitchen: Feminism’s Fourth Wave

WGS 486 Take Back the Kitchen Spring 2018 Syllabus

“Take Back the Kitchen” is a new feminist movement to bring American families back to eating a more sustainable diet. With food-related diseases mounting, taking back the kitchen is significant.

First, it means resisting the corporate driven food culture with its salty, fatty, sweet processed meals.

Reclaiming our diets and our bodies from the fast food industry may seem an unlikely project for a feminist agenda. The work to transform our diet is a tough struggle to undermine the motive of profits over people.

The fast food industry is male-led and it asserts control over life in our communities. This industry ignores its own irresponsible agriculture and food practices. Women and children are particularly vulnerable. The high cost of cheap food has robbed us of our health and stamina. If women won’t lead the way out of this, who will?

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Take Back the Kitchen sign