Women's & Gender Studies Program

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Peggy Rivage-Seul, Professor and Director of Women’s and Gender Studies

Carrie Jadud, Women’s and Gender Studies Program Associate

Linda Strong-Leek, Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Julee Rosser, Assistant Professor Women’s and Gender Studies

Wendy Williams, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Adanma Barton, Assistant Professor of Theatre

Rebecca Bates, Associate Professor of History

Jill Bouma, Associate Professor of Sociology

Ann Bruder, Assistant Professor of English

Ellen Burke, Lecturer in Child and Family Studies

Dr. Beth Crachiolo, Associate Professor of English, Theatre, and Speech Communication

Angela Hammond, Assistant Professor of Music

Julie Lasslo, Assistant Professor

Verlaine McDonald, Professor of Communications

Dr. Meta Mendel-Reyes, Director of CELTS and Associate Professor of General Studies

Richard Olson, Associate Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Studies (SENS)

Dr. Loretta Reynolds, Campus Minister



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