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    Resist Forcing New Tabs in the Browser

    • Posted on by Doug Widner
    • Here’s a typical Edit tool bar in WordPress and a red arrow pointing to the oft-used “insert hyperlink” tool:

      hyperlink-#1 Clicking that tool brings up this window:


      You have already selected a word or two of your copy, so now you type the URL you want people to get to when they click on the hyperlink word(s). Notice the check box? If you check that you are going to open the destination URL in a new window or tab in your user’s browser. That can be very annoying! If you typically check those boxes on your hyperlinks you could confuse your user beyond his or her tolerance. Bye bye user.

      Good practice is to reserve checking this box unless the link takes the user out of your site… For a complete argument about this, visit this site:

      http://www.htmlgoodies.com/primers/html/article.php/3890416 (Oh, by the way: clicking this link will open a new tab in your browser!)

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