Webteam and your CMS

I’ve been asked by more than a handful of web content managers “What will the webteam do if we get to a point where we’re making all of our own changes?”


—Webteam will back you up. That means we’ll be here to help you when you get stuck or something goes wrong. Last summer and this past fall the webteam spent 80% of its time migrating sites into the WordPress CMS and in that process we’re certain every mistake you’re likely to make is one we’ve made dozens of times already. Hopefully we’ve learned to fix those mistakes. So don’t hesitate to call us when you click on “update” and your site turns into confetti. (Not likely, really, but we’re ready even if the consequences aren’t so thrilling as confetti.)

—We’ll be focused on “behind the behind the scenes engineering” of the fast growing berea.edu WCMS. You are behind the scenes and we’re FURTHER behind the scenes, assessing plug-ins and widgets, monitoring security, worrying about a number of things so you don’t have to.

—You will be constantly telling us about things you would like to do that you can’t figure out HOW to do. And when you share those things with us we’ll pursue solutions while you go back to what you have to do and CAN do. (Oft times things you want to do can be done through a plug-in we have not yet acquired. We’ll brief you on our process of vetting plugins and widgets in another blog post, soon.)


—We’ll continue to train you. If you have attended one of the 3 hour training sessions in the Hutchins Library computer lab. You came away from that familiar with the administrator interface to WordPress. In the course of maintaining your own site you’ll learn much that wasn’t touched upon during that 3-hours. Some of what you’ve yet to learn will come to you through the WordPress dashboard “Help” feature and the User’s Guide online here. But a lot of it will also come from one-on-one training between you and a member of the webteam. We DO make “house calls.” So, call us when you need to do something new.

—We will continue to make changes for you that you are not prepared to do yourself. Send your change requests to webteam@berea.edu (as always) and we will be ‘on the case.’ Many of you are the ONLY web content manager in your organization. When you go on vacation, let your people know to send their web content change requests to webteam@berea.edu. We’ll keep things moving while you’re on a beach (or ski slope) somewhere!


—As mentioned in my last post, we’re going mobile within the next year or so (starting with inauguration, actually). There needs to be a strategic plan for how we pull this off gracefully but smartly. Some sites need to be mobile friendly for more reasons, or sooner reasons, than other sites. And since converting 130 sites to mobile is a lot of months of labor, the plan is a high priority for webteam.  (Have I already mentioned that if you can think of a very good reason why you should be at the top of the list of sites to get mobile-friendly, tell us now?)