Start Thinking “Mobile”

This fall and throughout next calendar year the IMC webteam will be taking steps to bring into the “mobile era.”

We’ve already dabbled: The Inauguration website uses a responsive theme that senses the size of the screen you are using and “reconstructs” the pages for the best possible viewing experience. I urge you to see for yourself. Browse through the entire inauguration site on your smartphone or tablet.

Even videos and photo galleries are presented “to size” and intelligently. No more pinching and stretching and scrolling right or left!

Responsive themes aren’t the solution to everything, but for a web constellation like — 130 sites inside and thousands of pages, images, documents and rich media — “going responsive” is a better bet than a separate web presence built just for mobile devices.

Exactly how we’ll get there is being figured out now. It seems likely that we’ll prioritize sites for conversion to the responsive theme. While every web site can “make a case” for being responsive, for some it may be more important than others. How many of YOUR visitors might need your information when they’re not at their desks?

Give it some thought and stay tuned here. And, by all means drop me a line if you feel strongly you should be in the front of the line! ?

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