About the Office of the VP for Operations and Sustainability

The Office of Operations and Sustainability supports the perpetual achievement of the College’s Great Commitments by providing strategic direction of a diverse portfolio of auxiliary businesses, campus operations and professional services; directing the College’s sustainability strategies and initiatives; and coordinating community and governmental relations.

Auxiliary Businesses Contact Number
Student Crafts Industries Tim Glotzbach 859-985-3220
Log House Craft Gallery Mona Arritt 859-985-3220
SCOTS Steve Davis-Rosenbaum 859-985-3220
Berea College Store Susan Buckmaster 859-985-3193
College Rental Housing Program Malissa Blair 859-985-3131
Commercial Real Estate Operations Amanda Cobb 859-985-3641
Boone Tavern  Gary McCormick 859-985-3700
Campus Operations Contact Number
Dining Services Charlie Brubeck 859-985-3934
Printing Services Melvin Cooper 859-985-3166
Conferences Services Amanda Cobb 859-985-3641
College Forest Clint Patterson 859-985-3587
College Post Office Beverly Cook 859-985-3410
Campus Services Contact Number
Regulatory Affairs Leslie Kaylor 859-985-3350
Legal Affairs and Counsel  Judge Wilson 859-985-3131
Continuous Improvement Candis Arthur 859-985-3192
Facilities Management Wayne Orr 859-985-3827
Sustainability Programs Joan Pauly 859-985-3194
Capital Projects Management Richard Dodd 859-985-3865
Human Resources Steve Lawson 859-985-3050